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How Does ZetaClear Work?

Zetaclear is a topical solution (applied directly to the affected area) that is applied with the included applicator brush three times a day.

ZetaClear is designed to prevent the growth and reproduction of fungus by inhibiting the growth of fungus cells. The ZetaClear liquid is a treatment for common fungus infection of the finger and toe areas including on skin around and adjacent to nails and under nail tips where reachable with the ZetaClear applicator brush.

ZetaClear’s convenient applicator brush allows for controlled, targeted application so medicine may be applied directly and neatly to the site of infection. With ZetaClear your fingers and toes need never touch affected areas. ZetaClear Liquid dries fast without messy residue or unpleasant medicinal odor.

Because all the ingredients contained in ZetaClear are natural, there are no nasty side-effects like those that might be experienced with chemical solutions.

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